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About Company

Our mission is to provide the best cloud solutions in Russia.

Selectel is a reliable IT infrastructure provider with 11 years of experience. Since its launch, the company has helped over 15,000 international and local B2B clients realize their business objectives.

Selectel offers a wide range of privately developed infrastructure products and services, as well as partnered solutions with the world’s leading IT developers:

  • Data center services
  • Custom dedicated servers
  • Сloud services built on OpenStack
  • Cloud powered by VMware®
  • Cloud products AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba Cloud
  • Network services and content delivery network (CDN)
  • Enhanced security and information security services
  • Managed services
  • Consulting and integrator services

Our network consists of six privately-owned modern data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Selectel Data Centers

8,300 m² total server area

1,200 server racks

14.4 MW total capacity

Success Story


Selectel is founded and opens its first data center in St. Petersburg.


Tsvetochnaya 1 opens in St. Petersburg.


Berzarina opens in Moscow. Company enters public colocation, server rental, and virtual server market.


Dubrovka 1 opens outside of St. Petersburg. The first cloud-computing service is launched.


Dubrovka 2 opens outside of St. Petersburg, creating a data center “campus”.


Dubrovka 3 opens outside of St. Petersburg. Over 100 active employees.


Monitoring service is launched. Number of active personnel reaches 150.


Tsvetochnaya 2 opens in St. Petersburg. Virtual Private Cloud and Vscale are launched.


Capacity in Berzarina is expanded


Selectel Lab is launched. Number of active personnel reaches 250.


Cloud powered by VMware.

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