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Partnering with Selectel lets you earn money for developing your IT business: use a dependable provider’s already available resources or refer new clients.

Classic Referral Program

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The Selectel referral program is a stable source of primary or additional revenue. Attract new customers and earn commission on their purchases.


We pay you 10% the total cost of services rendered to your referrals for the first six months of usage.

How It Works

Register in our control panel

Activate your account in our control panel my.selectel.ru.

To fully activate your account:

  • Register in the control panel
  • Accept the terms of our contract for communication services
  • Top up your balance

Sign our contract and receive your referral link

Open the Referral Program page and review the terms and conditions of the referral contract.

Send the following documents to payment@selectel.ru:

  • A scan of the completed, signed, and stamped contract (stamp not required for individuals)
  • Individuals — a scanned copy of your passport and other documents upon request
  • For non-resident legal entities — a scanned copy of your organization’s tax residence certificate for a country, which has a double taxation treaty with the Russian Federation* (* Tax residence certificates are provided no later than upon the completion of the calendar month during which the contract is signed.)

We will send a signed hard-copy of the contract once we process all of your documents.

Share your referral link and earn commission

Links follow the format https://selectel.ru/?ref_code=2b1ab3d625 (where 2b1ab3d625 is your referral code).

Clients who register in the Selectel control panel under your link and pay for one or more services* are considered your referral.

Commission is paid to the Referral Balance**, which can be spent on Select services or transferred to a bank account (for legal entities and individuals).

The minimum transfer amount is 10,000 rubles.

* Referral program does not include such services as dedicated servers of Chipcore Line, Server Racks, Cages and Suites, as well as Fiber-Optic Lines, Microsoft licenses and Provision of Qrator and Incapsula traffic filtering services. We also do not pay commission for Vscale cloud servers, Cloud-Based Applications, Content Delivery Network (CDN), API protection service, Registration and prolongation of domens, Imperva web-site protection service package, Provision of access to Microsoft stakeholder web services on a prepaid basis and Provision of access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. The rest of the services are included in the Selectel classic referral program!

** Services paid for with the Bonus Balance are not included when calculating commission.

Bonuses earned as compensation, promo codes, etc. are added to the Bonus Balance and may be used to test services.

Users who register in the control panel and agree to the terms and conditions of the Selectel classic referral program contract may participate in the referral program.

Classic referral program contract for individuals

Classic referral program contract for legal entities

Advertising campaign rules