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VMware is the leading vendor in the field of virtual server platforms. Selectel offers its clients virtual data centers built on VMware solutions (VMware vCloud Director®, VMware vSAN™, VMware NSX®) as well as deployment and managed services.

Selectel is a VMware Enterprise partner (for providers of Hybrid Cloud Powered services based on VMware products). Selectel accelerates the digital transformation of its customers by implementing the latest VMware technology and ensuring a high level of cloud compatibility.

Products and Services Powered by VMware

for commercial use

Cloud powered by VMware

A public cloud with pay-as-you-go billing that requires no investment in hardware. Quickly scale virtual machines or use the cloud as a backup data center.

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for free testing Selectel Lab

Public, private, and hybrid clouds

Seamlessly integrate resources with hybrid clouds as a shared environment or build a fully isolated VMware-powered private cloud.

VMware vSAN for cloud-based storage

Available Technologies

VMware vSphere®

A platform that ensures the maximum performance, availability, and efficiency of virtual infrastructures and applications. Selectel uses vSphere 6.5 and up.

VMware vSAN™

The hyper-converged architecture raises the reliability of data storage, ensures storage volume scaling and access speed.

VMware NSX®

A virtual network for software-defined data centers, delivering networking and security in software, abstracted from the physical infrastructure and providing full control over security.

VMware vCloud Director®

An online interface and API for managing virtual data centers built on VMware technology.

Manage virtual machines, migrate from different clouds, and oversee virtual networks and routers. Create users and configure vDC access rules.

VMware vCloud Director® Extender

An application for migrating virtual machines to VMware cloud providers. Easily transfer workloads to the cloud.