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Payment Methods

Personal Accounts Business Accounts

Different payment methods are available depending on whether you have registered for a personal or business account.


Qiwi Wallet


Payments usually take 5-10 minutes.

VK Votes

Transfers usually take 5-10 minutes. 1 Vote = 3.54 rub.


Transfers usually take 10-15 minutes. Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Eurocard and MIR are accepted.

Qiwi Kiosks

Transfers usually take 10-15 minutes. Requires agreement number at time of payment.

Wire transfer

Commission depends on the bank where payment is being made. Funds are added upon receipt (business days only).

Reimbursement conditions (individuals)

Money on your account can be refunded by submitting the following documents:

Requests can be submitted in person or by mail.
Mailing address: Selectel, PO Box 56, St. Petersburg, 196006 Russia
Office address: Ul. Tsvetochnaya 21, lit. A, St. Petersburg, Russia

Please note:

  • Money will only be reimbursed if the information provided in the request matches the user’s information in the control panel
  • Funds can only be transferred to the client’s bank account
  • Funds cannot be transferred to the bank account of a third party