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Service Terms and Conditions

General Provisions

Selectel Lab is a service provided to clients by Selectel Ltd. (hereinafter Selectel) whereby server equipment and/or their parts, software, and cloud platforms are provided in order to test applications and code blocks (hereinafter the Services). Services, which are or planned to be made available for testing, are announced on the Selectel Lab homepage.

Testing opportunities are provided by Selectel to clients free of charge or for a minimal fee.

Service and Usage Term

Client shall express their interest in using Selectel Lab services by filling out and submitting a request form, indicating the desired Service.

All Selectel clients are entitled to test the selected Service for a limited period of time. Before testing is complete, client may submit a request to extend the testing period.

After submitting a request form, Selectel personnel shall inform the client via e-mail about the soonest available period of time for testing the Service.

The client shall independently and remotely load their code or applications onto the equipment or platform (IaaS or Paas) as well test software (SaaS) in accordance with instructions provided by Selectel personnel. Instructions are sent to the client via e-mail.

Services are provided “as is” and clients may make suggestions for improving the service or expanding the catalog of available test Services, which shall promptly be considered by Selectel. Selectel reserves the right to refuse, at their own discretion, the further provision of Selectel Lab services considering the circumstances of production.

Client Obligations

Upon Selectel’s confirmation of the testing start date, client shall confirm their availability to begin testing. If no confirmation is provided by the client within a reasonable period of time, the service shall not be provided nor postponed.

Upon the conclusion of the testing period, the client shall complete and return a questionnaire (review) regarding the results of the testing period and grant Selectel the right to its anonymous (redacted) and explicit use, including the name of the company, name of the individual, and position of the reviewer on the Selectel website, at conferences and seminars, on social networks, and in e-mail newsletters. The questionnaire (review) shall be sent to the client at the e-mail address provided in the service request form.

Client may not test code and/or applications:

  • With the intent to disrupt the operation of data centers, desktop computers, and mobile and network equipment
  • With the intent to steal personal data or other confidential information of any subject of law
  • With the intent to receive commercial or other benefits by means prohibited under the effective legislation of the Russian Federation
  • With the intent to perform any illegal actions to disrupt infrastructure and transport facilities and the activities of government and commercial organizations
  • With the intent to access resources listed on the blacklist of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor)
  • In violation of the provisions of any client contract for the provision Selectel services

Selectel Obligations

Selectel shall process each client request, submitted as a completed request form, and notify the client via e-mail of the soonest possibility to receive the service. Upon the client’s confirmation of the suggested date, Selectel personnel shall reserve the selected time period for the client.

Selectel shall provide the client with access to test the selected equipment, platform, or software exclusively based on the company’s technical capabilities.


Within the framework of the services provided, Selectel shall not be liable to the client or third parties for malfunctions in the test equipment, platforms, or software, nor for malfunctions in the client’s applications or code, loss thereof, or other damages.