Cloud powered by VMware

Selectel offers public, private, and hybrid clouds built on VMware technology. These services are combined in the VMware Cloud solution.

Cloud powered by VMware

Private cloud

A completely isolated physical infrastructure.

Public cloud

The physical infrastructure is shared by different clients.

Hybrid cloud

Expand your VMware infrastructure to the public cloud.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant

VMware leads the market in server virtualization:

  • Named annually by the “Gartner Magic Quadrant”.
  • Occupies 80% of the virtualization market.

Gartner forecasts VMware’s leadership on the server virtualization market will transfer to the VPC sector of cloud data centers.

Infrastructure Availability

Disaster Recovery (Disaster Recovery)

  • Storage redundancy across two data centers.
  • Data storage and automatic VM relaunch in a second data center.
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High Availability (High Availability)

  • Fault-tolerant storage in one data center.
  • Automatic VM relaunch in the event of host failure.
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100% Fault Tolerance (Fault Tolerance)

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Additional Service


Excellent for clients whose system administrators don’t have previous experience with VMware. Our engineers will set up and maintain your virtual environment.

Dedicated channel

Connect to your corporate network over a dedicated channel or VPN. Dedicated channels offer the fastest connection to the cloud and company resources.

Virtual desktop

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) expands workspace functions. Run applications in the cloud and view and manage them on your personal computer.

DDoS protection

Competitors and hackers may floor your site or cloud server with fake requests, making them nearly impossible to access. DDoS protection takes care of these issues and lets you get back to work. Filtering parameters are set based on your project’s requirements.

NSX firewall

Configure the security of your internal network and external connections using micro-segmentation from a distributed firewall.

The Selectel Advantage


The Peak of TechnologyModern high-end server and communications equipment: Intel Gold processors and Intel NVMe drives

VMware Partner

Selectel is a VMware authorized partner with the VMware Cloud Verified badge of confidence. This ensures clients that our infrastructure is top quality.

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