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1C Leasing

Selectel services with subscription-based 1С products

Free up resources for other projects: by leasing 1С software, you reduce expenses on equipment, software updates, licenses, and support. Access 1С from anywhere in the world; Selectel ensures the availability, confidentiality, and security of your data, backed by an SLA.

1С Leasing at Selectel

Selectel offers several service options: rent a 1С server, move your 1С project to the cloud, or host your equipment in our data center. Access 1C: Small Business, 1C: Human Resource Management, 1C: Accounting and 1C: Trade management. If you are interested in other 1С products, submit a request and we will find the best solution.

1С Leasing Features

Lower CapEx and OpEx

No need to buy expensive equipment or worry about upgrade costs. We guarantee your 1C instance always runs smoothly on the latest equipment.

Cost-effective licenses

By leasing 1С instead of buying, you save on upfront costs with predictable monthly expenses.

Professional technical support

Your 1С instance is maintained by professional administrators. This lets you save on overhead costs and rest easy knowing you system is in good hands.

Service Options

1С on Dedicated Servers

  • High-performance servers
  • Preconfigured options
  • Custom configurations
  • Basic and advanced 1C packages

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1С in the Cloud

  • Instant resource management
  • No upgrade or maintenance costs
  • Disaster-proof infrastructure
  • Emergency data restoration

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  • Reliable Tier III data centers
  • Around-the-cloud tech support
  • Secure environment
  • Stable encrypted communication channels and optimal climate

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Ready-to-go solution

We handle the technical questions so you do not have to. If necessary, we can offer the best solution based on your specifications.

Wide selection of equipment and parts

More than 30 of the most in-demand configurations are ready for deployment in just a few hours. We can assemble and set up custom server configurations.

Cloud platform

Access Selectel resources in Moscow and St. Petersburg to create a durable system and rest easy knowing your 1С instance will not crash and your data will never be lost.


By consulting with qualified Selectel system administrators, we can ensure the continuous operation of your systems. We help define and set up security and database backup policies. All guarantees are included in our contract.

IT infrastructure

Build your company’s infrastructure with us by creating your own virtual data center: virtual and physical machines with Internet connections, Cloud Storage, Managed Services, data backups, Anti DDoS, CDN, and more.

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You can also contact us by phone at 8 (800) 555 06 75 or e‑mail at sales@selectel.ru for a free consultation.

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