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Cloud Servers

Cloud servers give you the benefits of virtual servers without the fixed pricing plans. Instead, our cost-effective payment scheme charges you solely for the resources you use. This means no more paying for idle resources or being unprepared for peak-loads.

To ensure you always have the resources you need, our dynamic Cloud Servers are designed to handle fluctuating loads by automatically scaling on-the-fly.

This service is no longer available.

Instead, please visit our“Virtual Private Cloud

Service prices

Processor usage
0,9 ₽ per hour
0,58 ₽ per 1 GB/hour
IPv4 address
0,1 ₽ per hour
Data storage
9 ₽ per 1 TB/hour
Read/write requests
5 ₽ per 1 million requests
Read/write volume
0,1 ₽ per 1 GB
Incoming traffic
0,16 ₽ per 1 GB
Outgoing traffic
0,64 ₽ per 1 GB

All prices include 20% VAT