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CMS Hosting

Users are provided a virtual server with a content management system. The service was developed by Selectel’s engineers to provide an ideal environment and superior CMS performance. CMS Hosting successfully combines the simplicity of virtual hosting with the high performance of powerful virtual servers. Now, even inexperienced users with minimal technical knowhow can manage sites. You receive a site that is ready to go with a fully configured CMS.

Your CMS runs off of powerful dedicated servers located in Selectel’s data centers. Unlike virtual hosting, CMS hosting can handle loads from tens of thousands of users a month. Your site will have a 10 Mbps Internet connection and unlimited traffic (no ratios) and a dedicated IP address.

This service is no longer available.

CMS Hosting prices

Price plan
Clock speed, MHz
Guaranteed RAM, MB
Hard disk space, GB
Cost per month
512 MHz
512 MB
25 GB
350 ₽ per month
1024 MHz
1024 MB
50 GB
750 ₽ per month
2048 MHz
2048 MB
100 GB
1 400 ₽ per month

All prices include 20% VAT