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Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic for server groups

Redistribute incoming request streams among servers in the same region to increase scalability and fault-tolerance for your applications. Choose your load balancing criteria, and the rest will be set up automatically.

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  • Spend less time manually configuring simple and common solutions.
  • Balance traffic for evenly distributing loads among servers.
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors during peak loads.
  • Deploy with precision and accuracy.


Balance traffic

Choose a protocol, balancer ports, and at least one server.

Balancing algorithms

Two solutions available: round robin and least connections.

Availability checks

Configure the frequency and type of virtual machine availability checks.

Sticky Sessions

Transfer requests from one client to the same server.

SSL termination

Upload SSL certificates to properly identify and distribute traffic to servers.

PROXY support

Transfer connection information to target servers through the load balancer.

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