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Private cloud powered by VMware

Scalable infrastructure that can be tailored to your requirements

VMware-based private cloud ensures above-quota security and isolation — way finer than public cloud can. The service allows for customizing and adapting solutions to the objectives of any-complexity projects.


Resource Scale-Up/Launching a New Project in the Cloud

Smoothly expand the existing infrastructure by adding computing power, storage, and network resources.

Emergency Restoration

Let the infrastructure remain functional in case of emergency thanks to the full cloud backup.

Infrastructure Migration

Move the existing projects to the Selectel VMware-based cloud, quickly and efficiently.

Secure Cloud 152-FZ

Individual tasks realization of information protection, in the processing of personal data and connection to state information systems.


  • Physical isolation at the stand, servers, and network equipment.
  • Flexible infrastructure configuration, extended control rights (e.g. vSphere infrastructure access).
  • Host configuration management, selection of hardware components depending on the project requirements.
  • Integrating additional software into the infrastructure, namely: proprietary backup system, antivirus, etc.


Rapid Launch

1-month launch by the dedicated team of Selectel VMware specialists.

24/7 Support

Guaranteed customer response time.

Price Transparency

The price consists of two components: dedicated infrastructure fee (fixed) and VMware pay-as-you-go payment.

Hardware and Software Support

Selectel engineers will setup and maintain ESXi, NSX, vSAN, and vCenter equipment pursuant to the terms of reference.

Protection Grade 1 Certificate

Certification of personal data processing systems up to Protection Grade 1 (Federal Law 152-FZ).

FSTEC License

Compliance with Russian law, FSTEC data security license.

Extra Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Enrich the functionality of corporate workplaces. Applications operate in the cloud with the PC used for visualization.

Dedicated Channel

Connect to the corporate network through a dedicated channel or VPN. A dedicated channel is the fastest way to connect the company’s resources to the cloud.

Anti DDoS

Protect your resources from intrusions of any power. Clearing parameters are tailored to the project specification.

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