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Virtual Private Cloud

Your private space in a public cloud

Combine the flexibility and unlimited resources of a public cloud with the security of a private cloud. Work as if the cloud was tailor made for your project: manage resource access, link servers over private isolated networks, and deploy services in just a few seconds at any time. Take control of your cloud.

Get started

  • Rapid Kick-Off
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • 24/7 Support
  • Detailed documentation

Signed in

Network Options for Projects and Regions

Different access levels

Limit project access to departments and employees from the control panel, as well as monitor and manage expenses while adjusting on the fly.

Outsourced IT teams and developers

  • Create projects for individual teams. Manage budgets and analyze resource consumption.
  • Isolate testing environments to protect projects already in production.


  • Create and grant access to client projects. Easily calculate expenses for each project.

Private networks

To ensure the reliable transfer of data and save on traffic, create a single network:

  • Virtual servers in different regions
  • Dedicated Servers and a cloud infrastructure
  • Dedicated Servers and a cloud infrastructure
  • Dedicated Servers and a cloud infrastructure

VPC Features

Convenient control panel

Deploy projects in just a few clicks and manage users from anywhere in the world.

Statistics by project

Evaluate project and resource costs.

Customizable infrastructure

Create any number of projects, users, and private networks.