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Chipcore Has Joined Selectel — The Same Low Prices, All New Options

1What happened?

Chipcore used to be a separate project of Selectel with its own brand, site, and control panel. Now, Chipcore servers can only be ordered at Selectel, but with added features and benefits: daily billing, Cloud Storage, Monitoring, and more.

2Did Chipcore physically relocate to a new data center?

No, and we do not plan on moving either. Servers will continue to be hosted in the same reliable Selectel data center.

3How has the service changed?

The main elements of Chipcore will not change: prices, quality, and project functions.

Servers ordered from the Chipcore control panel have not changed and can still be managed from the same control panel.

New Chipcore servers now can only be ordered from the Selectel control panel along with new services and features.

4What are these new features?

— Payments can now be made per month or per day.

— All Selectel services are now available for your projects: Cloud Storage, Monitoring, DNS Hosting, CDN and more.

5Do existing clients have to switch to the new panel?

If your projects continue to grow and you plan to expand your infrastructure with Selectel, then we strongly advise it; get added features, manage all of your services from a single panel, and pay for all of your services from one account.

You can register now in the control panel my.selectel.ru and read about ordering servers in our knowledge base.

6I like the old control panel better. Can I keep using it?

Yes, if you are more comfortable working with the Chipcore control panel, you can continue using it.

7How do I order new servers now?

Register at my.selectel.ru and open the Servers page. For more information can be found in our knowledge base.

Find the Chipcore server you need at Selectel now