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Information Security

Tailor-made secure IT systems

A combination of services, solutions, and safeguards built on Selectel’s infrastructure to provide the utmost security for your company’s systems. We’ll help you create a reliable information security system, satisfy business requirements, and act in full compliance with the law.


  • Network security for information systems and incident management.

  • Personal data protection and storage in compliance with Russian law (152-FZ and 242-FZ).

  • Comprehensive protection for web services and DDoS neutralization.

  • Safeguard trade secrets. Create a secure network perimeter in a Selectel data center.

  • Create a secure infrastructure for connecting to government information systems.

  • Protection from ransomware, miner viruses, malware, and other hazardous software.


Compliance with Russian law

  • FSTEC and FSB licenses for working in the field of data protection
  • Maximum security for hosting personal information management systems (Russian levels I-IV)

Individual approach

  • A wide array of data protection services
  • Showing you care for your clients’ data raises the value of your business

Ready-made infrastructure

  • Integration with cloud solutions
  • Compatibility with other Selectel infrastructure services


  • No wait times; key safeguards are in stock at Selectel data centers and provided as a service

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