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API Security Module

Continuous monitoring of data flowing through public APIs

The security model identifies intruder requests in real time and then effectively eliminates all the vulnerability points. AI-powered, this service detects and prevents all attacks against the customer API and repairs the breaches.


For Public-API Companies

Mass Media
Bank Systems
Insurance Firms

How API Security Works


Continuous AI-powered penetration test.


Checking the risk of legal and malicious API requests. Visualization of the temporary activity scale to identify the attack source.


Attack source blocking or arresting; breach repairs.

Strong Company Security

Identification of any type of API interfaces. Protection of REST API, SOAP, etc
Instantaneous API attack detection and vulnerability point repairs
Regular reporting on improving code weaknesses
GDPR compliance for personal data control

Enjoy the One-of-a-Kind Solution

Error Probability
Human Factor

API Security Module (Continuous Penetration Test)

Error ProbabilityAlmost zero (machine learning algorithms)
Human FactorNo
PriceFrom ₽130,000 per month

One-Time Penetration Test

Error ProbabilityHigh (threats are not monitored most of the time)
Human FactorYes
PriceFrom ₽700,000 per test
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VAT (20%) included.

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What is API?

An application programming interface (API) is an interface containing the set of protocols, subprograms, and tools to establish the communication between programs. API provides building blocks for application development. For instance, if the online store API is well-made and mobile app developed, a smartphone user will get the information on their device via the store’s public API.

One should distinguish private and public APIs. Private APIs have public request parameters but also have a security key (token or credentials) or certificate. Public APIs are available only with public request parameters with no authentication, authorization, or identity verification. They are at risk of being under slow attack missed by WAF and DDoS protection tools.

How to Access the API Security Module?

To access the service, provide Selectel managers with the following information: full company name, email, phone, and estimate API requests. The payment is processed through my.selectel.ru but the service is accessed through the account on the Salt website (technology developer).

How is the price calculated?

The service price is calculated individually depending on the parameters; the minimum continuous testing contract period is one year.

Two options are available:

  • Monthly billing
  • One-time billing for one year

The price is formed based on the number of API requests.

How long does it take to access the service?

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 business days.