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Hybrid Cloud

Forget about limitations of your local infrastructure


Most companies efficiently apply the hybrid approach in establishing their IT infrastructure. Merge of the local infrastructure and public cloud opens new horizons: move some loads beyond the infrastructure, scale resources during activity bursts, and pay as you go — no heavy investments are required.

Selectel will help establish the hybrid infrastructure adapted to the specifics of your data systems. We will find the most suitable solutions, preserve the service reliability, and ensure the required data security level.

Merge Your Infrastructure with the Cloud

A hybrid solution created jointly with Selectel engineers will stitch your local infrastructure together with the Selectel or partner cloud. Selectel is the single vendor of these cloud solutions; we tackle all payment and contracting interactions. Rubles are accepted even for foreign-currency cloud services.

Cloud Migration

When a Company Needs the Hybrid Infrastructure

Load Management & Scaling

Use the cloud resources when the power of your local infrastructure is insufficient or you expect peak loads. Hybrid cloud enables you to balance the load and ensure operation of your services even in case of a traffic surge.

Test Environment Creation

Reduce the time to market by means of rapid deployment of test environments. Prompt update management in the test environment before the field launch.


Arrange the backup infrastructure that will rescue you in case of emergency (e.g. power outage, equipment failure, human error). When the local infrastructure becomes unavailable, the vendor cloud will continue operating ensuring no negative impact on your business processes.

How the Hybrid Infrastructure Is Developed

Business Requirements Collection & Design

Together with you, we will define the most crucial data systems and applications. Then we will suggest a solution that will balance the performance, functionality, and costs.

Hybrid Solution

We will move some of your services to the cloud and configure the scaling rules. Then we will check the core functionality of the solution.

Load Test & Launch

Organizing the load testing to see how the hybrid solution goes through paces. We will note the conformity to business specifications. After that, we will put the solution into operation.


Scrupulous monitoring to ensure the fail-free operation of the infrastructure.

Selectel Benefits


ensure ceaseless data center availability. Direct Connect ensures availability of partners' data centers.


1 contract, 1 control panel to manage the balance and expenses, contact support, and access services.

250+Hybrid infrastructure projects

already completed by Selectel.

11 Years

of infrastructure establishment experience. We know the ins and outs of architecture building— from hardware to service provision.

Platforms to Integrate in the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud powered by VMware

Selectel is VMware Enterprise’s verified partner (VMware Cloud Verified). This guarantees that Selectel customers always get the finest possible level of the infrastructure implementation.

VMware Availability is the tool that helps organize the hybrid cloud: this service enriches the capabilities of the customer private VMware cloud by using the computing capacity of the vendor’s public-cloud cloud — VMware-based Selectel cloud.
VMware Availability supports local and cloud deployment of various vSphere® versions, offering the full-dress functionality:

  • preserving connection between virtual machines at virtual platforms,
  • migration of virtual machines with the shortest possible idle time,
  • reverse migration.

Selectel Platform

We use the virtual machine creation and autoscaling tools based on Terraform tools and Selectel Cloud API.

To manage containerized applications, we use Kubernetes.

On GitHub, you will find Selectel cases of using Terraform and Kubernetes.

Amazon Web Services

Integration of your infrastructure and AWS cloud resources on all data system interaction levels:

  • for network consistency, use Direct Connect (dedicated AWS cloud connection channel);
  • to ensure identification and access policies implementation, use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM);
  • to manage resources and deployments, use AWS CodeDeploy, AWSOpsWork, or Terraform.

Microsoft Azure

If you are an active Microsoft user, Azure services will be a suitable option.

Selectel engineers will:

  • organize the infrastructure access over the Internet and dedicated band connection (Direct Connect);
  • Integrate the catalog service with the use of Azure AD Connect and implementation of SSO and MFA;
  • manage the resources and deployments with the use of Azure and Terraform.

Alibaba Cloud

Selectel engineers will help create a reliable hybrid solution that will ensure high-load processing for your web projects.

Two infrastructures are integrated by means of VPN or dedicated connection (Direct Connect).

Google Cloud Platform

To establish a hybrid solution with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we actively use Terraform.

Autoscaling is perfectly tackled by Kubernetes.

VPN or Direct Connect (dedicated GCP connection channel provided by Selectel) integrates two infrastructures.

Hybrid Infrastructure Establishment Packages


The solution includes the following:

  • Cloud connection via IP,
  • VPN,
  • Direct Connect.


Hybrid Data System

Beside hybrid infrastructure building works related to the integration of the local and cloud infrastructure on L2 and L3, the solution includes the following:

  • integration of catalog services and organization of unified access policies,
  • single Sign-On,
  • data integration (database and storage syncing),
  • disaster Recovery,
  • personnel training on handling the hybrid and cloud environments (if requested).


Hybrid Solution with IT Processes Integration

Covers all project and auxiliary works. Beside organizing the data system, we provide the following services (based on your needs):

  • configuring infrastructure autoscaling rules in the cloud, with the use of Terraform/Kubernetes/other tools,
  • persona data security compliance (Federal Law 152-FZ) works,
  • integration of ITSM systems to control tickets during technical maintenance and support.


Hybrid Solution Request

Want to know more about capabilities of hybrid infrastructures? Let’s get in touch and discuss the details.

Call 8 800 555 06 75 or e-mail sales@selectel.ru for a free consultation.

Agree with the processing of personal data


How long does it take to organize the hybrid cloud environment?

The duration of stages depends on the complexity of the established IT landscape. Selectel engineers are interested in shrinking the project duration, sticking to the following KPIs in their work:

  • existing IT infrastructure analysis and data collection — no longer than 2 weeks;
  • hybrid infrastructure design and finalizing with the client — no longer than 2 weeks;
  • hybrid infrastructure deployment — no longer than 2 weeks;
  • testing and trial run — no longer than 1 week;
  • personnel training — during the hybrid infrastructure deployment;
  • maintenance and support — as per the SLA.

Why do you employ Terraform?

Terraform is one of the most common tools supported by the majority of IT infrastructure vendors. Properly configured Terraform tools will let you efficiently organize the hybrid cloud with no so-called vendor lock-in — i.e. without any additional works on preparing individual configurations for every vendor with the use of special means.

How are cloud resources integrated in the hybrid solution managed?

In the panel on my.selectel.ru, you can manage the Selectel Cloud, VMware-based cloud, and other Selectel services. If you use partner clouds (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Alibaba Cloud), in my.selectel you can order access to these platforms, pay service bills, receive invoices, and certificates. Partner cloud services are managed through the panels of ordinary platforms.

Could you organize the hybrid cloud that would comply with Federal Law 152-FZ?

One of Selectel services is organization of the IT infrastructure conforming to personal data protection requirements — up to (Highest) Security Level 1 — and located within the vendor jurisdiction. Also, Selectel renders the following services:

  • provision of data security tools;
  • information security and data protection services.

Will you train my staff on handling the new cloud infrastructure?

Yes. If requested, Selectel experts can train your engineers on troubleshooting, system architecture, and cloud services.

Can Selectel undertake the cloud infrastructure maintenance?

Yes, we can. Jointly with Selectel engineers, you define the scope of services, SLA, and communications procedures.

Can Selectel engineers be involved in developing the IT strategy?

Yes. Together with Selectel, you can draw out the IT strategy for your company, tailored to capabilities of cloud platforms and virtualization tools.