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Hybrid Infrastructure

Dedicated servers and virtual machines in a single infrastructure.

Benefit from the power of dedicated servers and scalability of the VPC.

  • Digitize your business
  • Access dedicated servers without a VPN
  • Exact billing and deployment in two days

The Perfect Solution

Developers, testers, web studios, and IT startups

Develop and test applications on virtual machines with databases stored on a dedicated production server.

Work from a remote desktop with cloud-based graphics acceleration for creating games, animations, videos, and AI and machine learning applications.

Clone production servers on virtual machines for fail-safe testing.

Retail and online markets, travel and logistics agencies, and educational projects

Temporarily scale IT resources during sales and peak seasons.

Access database servers over a local network and/or dedicated communication channel.

Isolate dedicated servers for maximum security.


Design products on remote CAD workstations.

Store design documentation in the cloud for easy distribution.

Why Choose Selectel?

Unique solutions

One of the only companies offering hybrid infrastructure as a conventional solution. Launch a hybrid network (made up of Selectel resources) in only two days.

Exact billing

Pay for resources down to the hour and under a single billing contract.

Technical support

24×7x365 technical support and a financially-backed service level agreement (SLA).

Uchi.ru is an educational platform that lets students from all over Russia learn in an interactive environment. To host their olympiads, Uchi.ru needed a high-performance hybrid platform; this would let them temporarily increase website and database resources, which contained participant assignments, during peak loads.

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