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Powerful server for in-memory computations

A software-defined server with hundreds of cores and tens of terabytes of RAM for vertically scalable systems.

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Tasks solved

Infrastructure for SAP® HANA and Oracle databases

Test environment for corporate ERP systems similar to the production environment

Project sizing before implementation

How it works

At the heart of the service is a technology that helps to quickly and easily consolidate several physical servers into one logical software-defined virtual server. The hypervisor is run on the hardware. In real time, it analyzes the load on the virtual server, status of computing resources and streamlines the allocation of computing processes and memory pages between physical nodes.

Solution cost

The price depends on the configuration of dedicated servers and includes a monthly hypervisor license fee. Send us your request and we will advise you on the cost of the solution.


Data processing with Selectel HyperServer

Low cost of infrastructure ownership

  • Rent a hypervisor server for a fraction of the rental cost for a physical server with comparable memory.
  • The monthly subscription model is attractive for addressing large-scale as well as short-term tasks.

Quick start

  • We cut the time needed to provision the server from months to weeks.
  • The test environment, which is as close as possible to the operating infrastructure, enables reliable testing of project hypotheses before implementation.

Flexible architecture

Scalability of resources up to 512 cores and 48 TB of RAM using 4 to 16 physical nodes.

Work with your data faster and at a lower cost

Tell us what tasks you want to address, and we will find you the best solution.

Call 8 800 555 06 75 or e-mail sales@selectel.ru for a free consultation.

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