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IT Cost Optimization

Achieve More and Spend Less on IT

Optimizing infrastructure costs is one of the key tasks faced by IT departments today. Competent assessment of the total cost of ownership (TCO), the careful selection of services and payment model (CAPEX or OPEX), and the ability to calculate and manage ROI — these are labor-intensive but essential components in keeping costs low.

Selectel specialists will help you to optimize the structure of your IT expenses, taking into account the distinctive features of your information systems, their work and load.

Optimization: the results

  • Maximum effectiveness of IT infrastructure use.
  • Cost-effective architecture that ensures the required level of uninterrupted work (uptime).
  • Reduced risks as a result of adjustments made.
  • Lower IT-related costs.

What makes savings possible?

  • We will help with the choice of payment scheme: pay-as-you-go or long-term subscription.
  • We will identify underused resources and propose an optimal configuration.
  • We will analyze your load and identify periods when it regularly increases and decreases. We will configure rules for automatic scaling.
  • We will lower infrastructure management costs through automatization via API and our administration services.
  • We will analyze your cloud services and propose alternatives.
  • We will see whether you have selected the appropriate data storage class. If there is data that you rarely access, we will propose more economic storage options.
  • We will find out how often you make snapshots and backups. This way we will understand how much you are paying to store them.

Your infrastructure can cost less

Reduce current expenditure on infrastructure by identifying idle capacity and carefully selecting services that are suitable for the solution of your tasks. Skilfully scale computing resources at times of peak load and properly manage your budget.

Optimize your infrastructure

How we optimize your infrastructure


  • We identify the aims of the changes and the purpose of your information systems.
  • We carry out an inventory of your hardware and software, analyzing your assets according to their current use.
  • We put together recommendations for the optimization of your IT infrastructure.


  • We make adjustments to the system architecture where necessary.
  • We replace expensive resources with more optimal ones.
  • We configure technological monitoring and automatic scaling.
  • We test the final solution and evaluate the economic effect of the changes.

Changes to process

  • We analyze your existing process for the optimization of IT costs.
  • We study the criteria for decision-making.
  • We propose and agree changes with you.
  • We change the process and train staff.

Why Selectel


switched to pay-as-you-go after consultation with our specialists

736 mlnrubles

is the total amount saved annually by our customers on IT infrastructure

30%of customers

have made big savings on a project in comparison to their planned initial expenses

ITIL practices

are being introduced with the help of our specialists, providing customers with high-quality IT services

The cost of our services

The price of the solution is based on the specific characteristics of your information systems and the number of changes that we make. Send us a request and we will give you an indication of the prices.

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Are you considering cost optimization?

If you would like to know more about options for reducing expenditure on IT infrastructure, fill in this form, and we will get in contact with you to discuss the details.

You can also contact us by phone at 8 (800) 555-06-75 or e-mail at sales@selectel.ru for a free consultation.

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