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Client Success Story: Megaplan



Business automation systems


  • Compliance with personal data laws
  • Secure, Reliable hosting


  • Data stored in compliance with law
  • Improved connectivity

Selectel data centers recently welcomed a new tenant: “Megaplan”. Even if you do not use their system, you may have heard of the infamous Megaplan newsletter with over 120 thousand subscribers. Mikhail Pirogov, Director of Operations and Administration, tells us about the company’s move to a new data center and why they chose Selectel Dedicated Servers and Cloud Storage.

About Megaplan

Megaplan is a Russian company with a lengthy history: over ten years of success in the field of SaaS technology. We produce a business process automation (BPA) system under the same name, which consists of CRM modules for sales management, financial planning, as well as task and project management. Modules are accessible through a single interface. Features and product cost correlate to the plan the user chooses.

Our client base consists primarily of SMB, but we also cater to major corporations and institutions, like Alfa-Bank, Rostelecom, Channel One Russia, United Russia, and more. Clients use Megaplan to keep track of projects, sales, and finances on the backdrop of cross-team collaborative projects. Megaplan is well integrated with third-party services: 1C for accounting, IP telephony services (UIS, Mango Telecom, MTT), and marketing tools (albato, Roistat, CleverSite). Our users get a full arsenal of pre-configured services right out of the box.

Our system offers custom access privileges for specific roles and individual employees; there is no need to worry about unauthorized access. We take pride in the customizable interface and responsiveness provided by ReactJS technology. We recently implemented a global redesign: we concentrated our interface and made it more intuitive, so mastering and implementing Megaplan is now even easier.

The Megaplan IT Infrastructure

We designed Megaplan with balanced resource allocation in mind. That is why different infrastructure configurations are used for different tasks. We use physical servers, virtual machines, and containers. We experimented with XEN and KVM hypervisors abound five years ago, but since the disk subsystem and resource management were fairly stiff, we made the switch to lightweight containers. By that time, container technology had improved sufficiently, so we easily adapted our architectural solution.

We use services from various providers: our test platforms, where we develop concepts for CI/CD, are hosted outside of Russia. In our experiences, these kinds of tasks are cheaper to implement with services abroad.

At first, we were active Amazon users, but experience showed us the light: bare-metal servers. We still use virtual machines, but for minor supplementary services.

In Russia, we store and process client data in multiple data centers. Next, we will discuss the how we decided which provider to use.

We unilaterally terminated a series of contracts with Western hosting providers after the actions of certain agencies began affecting their availability in Russia.

When looking for a hosting provider in Russia, it was extremely important that our infrastructure maintain the same level of reliability. We tried to provide our Russian users with continuous access to our services while simultaneously ensuring our solutions complied with Russian laws on personal data storage.

We wanted the most reliable provider, and that’s why we chose Selectel.


We use Selectel Dedicated Servers and Cloud Storage.

Megaplan’s growth is linear and steady. We don’t have anything like Black Friday with sudden bursts of client activity, which is why we can fairly accurately predict resource loads. Although some major promotions cause spikes in activity, we know about them ahead of time, so these loads do not cause any unpleasant surprises. This is how we can use physical servers and manage unstable and unpredictable loads without overpaying for resources.

Selectel Cloud Storage is very convenient. We do not push it to the limit as our clients’ data comes to just under a petabyte. It isn’t easy to just move that much data, though. We are now working with our personal manager at Selectel to put together an appropriate solution.


Since the majority of our clients are from Russia, they benefited by the improved speed and responsiveness of Megaplan, and we are simultaneously guaranteed compliance with Russian law.

As it stands, we are focusing all of our efforts into ensuring Megaplan enjoys the highest level of availability for users all over the world.

Just like before, we have backup resources in different countries and replicate them in geographically diverse data centers.


Since a large part of our users are in Moscow, we’d like to see Selectel more actively develop its presence there. The lower the ping, the happier the client! That being said, we were promised added capacity in Moscow—upwards of 400 racks in the Berzarina data center by the end of the year. Our partners have kept their word so far.

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