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Client Success Story: RAEC

We started working with Selectel in 2011 based on our partners’ recommendations. I remember they said that this is a company with a powerful infrastructure; a company that brings together the industry’s brightest minds that the country has to offer.

Maxim Borzov


Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)


Non-profit organization


  • Physical Security
  • Continuous availability and minimal downtime
  • Qualified and timely tech support


  • Dedicated Servers
  • Anti DDoS


  • Equipment protected from unsanctioned access
  • Project sites unaffected by hacker attacks
  • Fast support responses
  • Projects can handle large influxes of visitor traffic before events


RAEC was established in 2006. The association’s key objectives include standardizing and developing Internet technologies, collaborating with government bodies, and more; for example, RAEC defines the industry’s common position in relation to the law, protects the interests of Internet businesses, supports projects in the fields of science and education, and helps IT specialists develop professionally. The association helps IT entrepreneurs protect their interests and settle contested issues, or as the organization put it, RAEC “helps them be heard.”

Today, RAEC brings together over 130 players on the electronic communications market. They host many well-known events, such as i-COMference, the Runet Blog Award ceremony, the Runet Awards ceremony, the Russian Internet Forum + Internet and Business Conference, the St. Petersburg Internet Conference, the Internet Business Conference (IBC Russia), and Russian Interactive Week (RIW) and all of their projects are hosted on Selectel servers.


RAEC has worked with a variety of other providers, but for one reason or another has always ended up switching hosts.

Sometimes the issue was with security; Maxim Borzov told us one story about how an administrator picked up their server. The specialist arrived at the data center and there were simply no guards. Before a data center representative could meet him, he simply walked in and disconnected the machine. He entered, took his server, and left and there was still no one there. He waited with his server for a bit, and then just left, relying on the security cameras to show them who took the equipment. RAEC was certain that neighboring racks held the equipment of other big companies, including a major player on the finance market (RAEC didn’t specify who).

There were also issues related to availability and extended downtime. The organization started to look for a partner with powerful, modern equipment and quality support that could address their questions in a timely fashion (unqualified tech support was another issue they had with previous partners).

Selectel’s Solution

In terms of the physical security, Selectel offered RAEC data centers with active security measures to prevent unsanctioned entry: armed guards are positioned 24/7 at entry points to the building and server rooms, all areas in and around the data center are under constant surveillance, and access to equipment is monitored and controlled by an access control system with proximity card readers.

For its own projects, the association rents dedicated servers with varying levels of performance and power from Selectel. Several projects need to be able to handle a large number of visitors, and for less intense projects (the association’s site, partner and conference sites, etc.), RAEC has its own shared hosting, which is integrated with Selectel’s dedicated servers.

Sometimes, the day before an event (when a resource’s stability is of the utmost importance), the organizers’ sites experience DDoS attacks, hence why RAEC additionally uses Selectel’s DDoS mitigation service: Anti DDoS.

Selectel and RAEC have been working together since 2011, but many different hosting companies were considered first. Recommendations from partners helped push the association’s decision towards Selectel and assured their management that Selectel brings together the field’s leading specialists and manages a powerful infrastructure.


One of RAEC’s projects, the Runet Awards, includes the competition Public Vote. The contest asks participants to vote for their favorite project (or projects) once a day, which brings a lot of traffic to the site. For the half-month before the winner is announced, traffic to the site constantly grows, and thanks to the high-quality support and resources provided by Selectel, the association can manage this influx.

RAEC uses dedicated servers with varying levels of performance and power. For example, the Russian Internet Forum, the oldest and one of the most respected Runet events which has been held for over 20 years, has been hosted on Selectel servers for the past six years. The same can be said about RIW and other events that are important to the industry. Yandex supports several events by posting promo banners on their homepage; this means that projects handle a major influx of traffic from Yandex itself. At the Runet Awards, during Public Vote, traffic comes from 200 thousand unique visitors a day, and the number of hosts is in the millions.

The association highly values the quality of the Anti DDoS service. In early October 2016, the company launched a project for one of the largest IT companies in Russia. Some hackers tried to crash the event’s site, but the resource did not suffer and RAEC didn’t receive a single user complaint.

RAEC has given special thanks to Selectel’s tech support team for their competent and quick responses: “We looked for quality support that could answer questions in a timely fashion,” says Maxim Borzov. “We’d like to thank you for that: we can create a ticket and get an answer almost instantly.”

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