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Client Success Story: SmartContracts.Engineer

To raise an ICO for the Smart Trip Platform, we needed a powerful dedicated server in a data center infrastructure. Selectel provided the equipment and installed a Bitrix virtual machine, Ethereum node, Geth client, and Node.js. Everything was done very professionally, and in only six months, our ICO amounted to 2.78 mln dollars.

Svetlana Rusova

CEO, SmartContracts.Engineer



ICO consulting and technical assistance


  • Reliable server for ICO projects
  • Exceptional system administrators to install blockchain node software
  • Durable hosting for impulsive workloads
  • Highly-qualified technical support


  • Server prepared and installed with node software
  • Successful implementation of ICO promo period


Providing technical assistance for ICO projects is one SmartContracts.Engineer’s areas of focus. As a form of investment, ICO is very similar to crowdfunding; the difference is that with an ICO, assets are invested as cryptocurrency instead of standard money. The terms and conditions for running ICO rounds are outlined in a smart contract.


We used the Selectel infrastructure as a foundation for implementing the Smart Trip Platform—a decentralized online system where trips, food, accommodations, and other services can be paid for in cryptocurrency. The system includes travellers, service providers, and investors.

This is a rather particular project, assuming that people who believe in cryptocurrency and have experience with crypto-assets will get involved with individual tourism. Naturally, when we created Smart Trip, we needed to implement a system that could handle Ethereum and blockchain, with the latter exchanging Ethereum to TripCash, the project’s cryptocurrency.

Selectel’s Solution

Understanding that SmartContracts.Engineer’s request wasn’t all that standard, we looked at five service providers that offer dedicated server leasing in data centers. Three companies didn’t understand us, and a fourth set a price that was obviously more to protect themselves. Selectel asked a few questions for clarification, delineated the area of responsibility, and performed the work we needed: they installed and configured a virtual machine for the website, Ethereum node, Geth client, and Node.js on a dedicated server with an Intel® Xeon® 3.6 GHz CPU, 64 GB DDR4, and 1 TB SSD.

While the dedicated server was being set up and installed in the data center, we were in constant contact with Selectel support, since new questions and details were continuously popping up on both sides. It was really helpful that your employees got involved in the situation, listened to our experience, and were ready to prepare a solution for a very atypical task.


Both Smart Trip Platform and its marketing campaign were launched on time. Between January and August 2018, the total investment came to 2.78 mln dollars.