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Client Success Story: Suprotec

We like their individual approach; the Selectel team quickly and professionally manages huge amounts of information and work. We also appreciate how in certain instances, they immediately caught things that could have caused real problems.

Kostyukov Denis

Head of IT, Suprotec



Motor oil and automotive chemicals manufacturer


  • Reliable infrastructure that can handle loads after ad campaigns
  • Restore infrastructure after being block


  • Stable resources, including periods of heavy traffic
  • Data stored in compliance with legislation

About Suprotec

Suprotec develops, manufactures, and distributes Russian-made automotive chemicals that are on par with global brands. This is accomplished with a well-equipped R&D Center, ISO 9001 compliant modern production lines, and a vast sales network with over 10,000 retail locations throughout the country.


Before moving to Selectel, we hosted our infrastructure and projects on DigitalOcean servers (droplets). We spent a lot of time optimizing everything possible on our server, web projects, and applications in order to increase uptime after running ad campaigns, on TV for example. No matter what we tried though, there were obstacles that we just could not get over; availability would be unstable for 1-2 hours after an ad. Even the best configurations that DO offered could not handle the sudden spikes in traffic.

We would probably still be wasting our time needlessly optimizing our system with no results, not even considering switching providers, had Roskomnadzor not “helped” the situation. One fine day, or rather Friday night, something happened that we were absolutely not ready for: Roskomnadzor decided to take out Telegram, haphazardly and without warning blocking millions of Amazon IP addresses. We tried to open the site in the morning, and there: Site not found. This is disastrous for any business.

We tried everything we could to restore our data and the backups we had there, but nothing could be accessed. By some sort of miracle, we were able to quickly implement a VPN tunnel and retrieve at least some data, but this came to not even a tenth of a gigabyte.

Our main projects were down for about a week: we spent four days retrieving our backups, another two days picking out a data center, and then another day or two filling our site with at least the principal information we were downloading at the same time from our blocked site. This downtime cost us.

In the end, we decided it would be better to insure ourselves: find a data center in Russia and be at ease.

We chose Selectel, because as we see it, there is no competition.


At first we tried to set up our own machines, but then realized it would be better to just hand our infrastructure over to the Selectel admin team; it is convenient and more reliable if anything unexpected happens. These guys handled the task very professionally: they quickly figured out our initial setup from three years before and then migrated our existing backups to the Selectel infrastructure.

After the blackout, the first thing we had to do was deploy the main site. The stack was not very complex, but there were a lot of infrastructure dependencies. Selectel’s administrators handled this quickly; I was surprised. They caught a few things that we did not even get to tell them about, and I liked that.

The main job was to restore what we lost as quickly as possible, and we were very happy with the professionalism of the Selectel administrators.


We now use several physical machines and Cloud Storage, where we keep our backups. Our European sites were also migrated to Selectel, and we are planning on setting up a CDN.

Now every ad campaign runs without a hitch. Selectel offered us a simple, yet reliable solution for our main resource — two physical machines with a load balancer, and the “must have” caching mechanisms MemCached, OpCache, etc. Nothing extreme, but it is enough for now.

If we were to paraphrase the latin expression in vino veritas, for us the truth is not in the wine, but the hardware.

The bottom line is we save time and energy and our resources are stable during peak loads. We like the individual approach; the Selectel team manages enormous amounts of information and tasks quickly and professionally. We really appreciate how a few times, they immediately caught things that could have caused real problems.

We are now in constant contact, and it is always constructive.