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Client Success Story: Topvisor

We looked for reliable servers in Russia, and they told us that in Russia, Selectel was the best. We’ve been working together for three years now. We’ve never had any problems with availability. We want to use a high-quality product so that we can offer a high-quality product.

Dmitry Udimov

CEO Topvisor



SEO analytics


  • Custom servers
  • Fast scaling
  • Privately owned data centers
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Payments by bank transfer
  • Major company


Custom Dedicated Servers


  • Company growth
  • Stable availability
  • Highly scalable projects


Topvisor is a search analytics service. As its directors explain, Topvisor helps clients maximize traffic, optimize SEO expenses, and choose the right keywords for content advertising and searches. The service was launched by a three-person team in September 2013. Their first function---checking search result positions---helped SEO specialists prepare reports for clients. Topvisor later added the ability for webmasters to search for keywords. This led to the core service functions of searching and filtering by keyword, ordering texts based on those keywords, and checking if your ranking rose or dropped.

Topvisor considers its key advantages to be its user response time and continuous development: the company prepares new releases every month.

“We’re a search statistics service; we summarize the stats and our target audience analyzes them,” says Topvisor CEO Dmitriy Udimov. “We help improve projects. There’s an unspoken mission here: we’re trying to civilize the world of online marketing.”

Selectel’s Solution

The company needed reliable servers. During the testing phase, Topvisor tried other companies, but they encountered scaling-related issues; the project grew, but they couldn’t make the servers they needed to meet the new demands. Topvisor’s management saw this was possible with Selectel.

“We conducted our own research and found Selectel from recommendations online, in forums,” recalls Dmitriy Udimov. “We looked for servers in Russia, and they told us that in Russia, Selectel was the best. It was important that they weren’t resellers and that they had their own data centers and reliable connectivity.” Additionally, it was important for the project that the provider accepted bank transfers (“There were problems with this at that time, ” says Dmitriy) and had the reliability of a major company to minimize risks.


Topvisor has been working with Selectel since the very beginning. The service now offers over a dozen SEO analytics tools: “Keyword Suggestions” (the most popular search requests that users see in the search bar), “Website SEO Auditor” (automatically finds basic errors like broken links and missing tags), “Website Watcher” (tracks changes on a site which can affect search positioning), and many more. Topvisor works with Ulmart, 1C-Bitrix, LitRec, Groupon, and other well known resources. In 2015, an English-language version of the service was released for clients in Germany, Thailand, the USA, and more.

“We like Selectel’s personal approach,” shared Dmitry Udimov. “We call tech support, ask for specific disks, they tell us they don’t have them, but they’ll be in by the fall. That’s it.” The company took note of the layout of Selectel’s site: when one of Topvisor’s clients asks about the company’s hosting provider, Selectel’s high-quality site reflects well on Topvisor’s image.

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